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Caterpillar eJuice
USA Made, 18ml, Premium Juice Line

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Caterpillar Ejuice was born out of an appreciation of delicious flavors along with a desire to be freed from the chains of smoking cigarettes. In the spring of 2012, a development of flavors was underway in California, and what was crafted in that time would change the way people smoked forever. This was just the beginning of the recipe profiles for our flavors here at Caterpillar Ejuice.

A former chemical engineering student combined his scientific background with a finely honed palette to produce the high quality ejuice that Caterpillar provides. He had already stopped smoking with the help of ecigs and had been making his own juice for months. He decided to take his discoveries to the next level and find a way to bring them to the public.

With a little inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, he created Caterpillar Ejuice. We provide premium e juice flavors such as Cheshire, Mad H, Chai Tea Party, and Wondergrahams. Based in Fullerton, California, Caterpillar Ejuice is right in the heart of Orange County, where the vaping movement is in full force, and spreading across the nation.

All of our products are made with premium ingredients after extensive research to consistently create and maintain a high standard e juice that is safe for our customers.  We are constantly testing our products and working hard to develop and improve our e juice.  Our flavors are gourmet and custom- designed to ensure you will find no comparable e juice.  All of our products are manufactured in a clean room with a sanitary environment, as customer safety is are our primary goal.

Main Features:
• 10 Unique Flavors
• Pure VG Base (uses PG based flavors so the ratio is about a 85/15 VG/PG mix)
• 18ML Per Bottle
• Made in the USA

Flavor Descriptions:

Ace of Spades
This flavor most closely resembles a pixie stick with a citrus undertone. With a sweet beginning, this flavor leaves a sour note on your tongue. Candy-like, it reminds us of childhood days without having to turning tongues purple or blue.

If you enjoy orange soda or a pineapple crush candy, this will be the vape for you. With a slightly stronger throat hit, there is no disappointment with a lower nicotine strength.

Chai Tea Party
The name, Chai Tea Party, is self-explanatory; it tastes just like a delicious chai tea latte. Creamy, spicy, savory, Chai Tea Party is a  perfect combination of flavors that vapes like you’re sipping on a chai tea latte. We love how this flavor compliments our morning cup of joe.

Our most popular flavor, we like to describe this as a strawberry mojito. Cheshire has a strong menthol flavor with a strawberry base, making it easy on the throat and pleasing to the tongue. The cool strawberry favor is phenomenal at refreshing you on a hot summer day, doing wonders for our beach outings. A favorite for customers who are menthol fans–will you be the next Cheshire fanatic?

Mad H
Our mystery flavor, Mad H, has all our customers talking about the flavor combination  that creates such a delicious all-day vape. While we cannot pinpoint an exact comparison, it’s a clear blend of fruits. We leave you wondering what fruits make Mad H  such a pleasant interlude. We  love to hear your guesses.

Off With Her Head
Caterpillar juice’s personal favorite, Off with Her Head, is similar to a green Jolly Rancher. Perfect all year round, this sweet flavor tastes like crisp autumn apples.

For those with a sweet tooth, we have the perfect flavor: Pelican. Best described as a watermelon bubblegum, this is our sweetest flavor by far. If you crave a sugar rush, Pelican will do the trick– minus the calories.

Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts is most commonly explained as a red lollipop. Blatantly enriched with cherry, it leaves you with a subtle hint of chocolate. You may be reminded of cherry Tootsie Roll Pop. - See more at:

This melon menthol, T&T, has a satisfying blend of the most popular summer fruits. You will experience a cross between cantaloupe and watermelon flavors lightly coated with menthol to leave a cool lasting flavor in your mouth. For menthol novices this flavor was designed for you not too overpowering with menthol, but bursting with flavor.


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