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Electronic Cigarette Savings: Learn how to vape for only $1 per day.

Electronic cigarettes vaporize liquid nicotine into a tar free & odorless vapor. They offer the potential to save a fortune, especially over the course of a long period of time. Here are some numbers we have compiled together that will show you just how much you can actually save.

New York State Pack of Marlboro Cigarettes – $9-$12 depending on your location in the state.
Contains tar, odor, carbon monoxide, known to kill 400,000 people per year.
Electronic Cigarette Savings Compared To Marlboro

Vapor King 10ml Eliquid Nicotine – $7.99 – Equals 8-10 packs of Marlboro’s.
Without the tar, without the odor, without carbon monoxide.
Vapor King Premium Eliquid

A single 10ml bottle of Vapor King eliquid is equivalent to 8-10 packs of cigarettes. We create this number by considering that there are 15 average puffs in a cigarette. We then recorded the amount of puffs that could be created off of a single bottle of 10ml eliquid. We were able to produce 3000 puffs. 3000 puffs per bottle divided by 15 puffs per average cigarette is 200. So we had enough vapor to smoke the equivalent of 200 cigarettes per bottle. 200 divided by 20 cigarettes per pack, is 10 packs. This means there is about 10 packs of cigarettes per bottle of eliquid. However, some people take larger puffs than others, and refill their unit more than others, which can cause this amount to vary between 8-10 packs of cigarettes per bottle.

If the average cigarette smoker smokes a pack of cigarettes per day at $10 per day. This makes the cost of a pack a day smoking habit to be 30 days x $10.00 per day = $300 per month. And $300 x 12 months in a year is $3600 dollars per year.

A 10ml bottle of eliquid should last about 8-10 days for the pack a day smoker. The cost of a bottle is $7.99. This brings your pack a day cost to smoke, down to about $1 per day, $30 per month, $365 dollars per year.

Electronic Cigarette Savings Summary:

Cost to smoke a pack a day of real cigarettes for a year – $3600.00

Cost to vape a pack a day of tar free & odorless nicotine vapor for a year – $365.00

That is $3,235.00 in electronic cigarette savings per year, for the pack a day smoker.

Please keep in mind that you may also have to buy some replacement atomizers, and cartridges from time to time, which can increase the costs. But there are ways to clean cartridges, and atomizers, to extend their life. Which can add to further savings. But, the easiest and most efficient way to ensure your unit is operating at optimal performance is to ensure that you replace your atomizer and cartridges periodically.

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