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How to fill or (refill) your cartridges.

The Vapor King eTank Series and the Vapor King Storm both utilize refillable tank cartridges that allow for multiple uses. Refilling your electronic cigarette tank cartridges is simple – just follow these quick steps.

1. After taking the cartridge out of its wrapper and removing the rubber covering from the end opposite the mouthpiece, you’ll notice a small plastic cap. This cap can be removed by working your finger nail into the seam and lifting it off.

2.Once this cap is off you may then fill the cartridge with your bottle of liquid by positioning the tip into the opening and gently squeezing the bottle until the liquid level reaches the desired height. (Note: it is strongly suggested to leave a small amount of space between the meniscus and the top of the cartridge.) You may then substitute the plastic cartridge cap with one of the rubber leak-stoppers provided in the kit. These rubber stoppers look very similar to the plastic cap you originally removed from the cartridge, only they are rubber and form a tighter seal on the end of your cartridge, assuring that no liquid will escape from the cartridge.

3. Once the stopper is secured in place you are ready to insert your tank cartridge into the atomizer and begin vaping.

That’s it! The cartridge is ready for use.

It is also possible to fill your cartridges without removing the plastic cap on the end of the cartridge if you happen to have an e-liquid bottle with a narrow tip. To fill your cartridge this way,

1. First insert the empty cartridge into the atomizer to puncture the perforated hole on the cartridge tip.

2. Remove the cartridge and then carefully insert the narrow tip of the e-liquid bottle into the now-available hole, being sure that it is securely and entirely in place.

3. Squeeze the bottle, filling the empty tank until the e-liquid reaches the desired height. Remove the bottle tip, store bottle, and your cartridge is now full and ready to use.

Both of these are effective methods for filling and refilling the Vapor King eTank electronic cigarette and the Vapor King Storm electronic cigarette. If you have any questions regarding filling or refilling, please call us at 1-877-324-4462.

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