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How To Open An Ecig Store With Step By Step Instructions


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How to open an ecig store with step by step instructions

The electronic cigarette industry has proven to be lucrative for many entrepreneurs. One way to get in on this industry is to open an ecig store. We have compiled a list of basic expenses that an ecig store will accrue while opening. We have also included some step by step instructions to help get you started.  Please keep in mind that some of the expenses could be lower if you were able to get a good deal on display cases, signs, advertising, etc…

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Estimated costs of opening an ecig store:
Rent – $500 – $3000+ (Depends on location)
Security Deposit – $500 – $1500
Display Cases – $1000 – $3000
Exterior Sign – $500 – $5000
Interior Sign – $500 – $1500
POS System – $500 – $1500
Merchant Account – $500 – $1000
Product – $1000 – $5000+
Local Business Approvals/Licensing – $0 – $300
Filing of LLC – (Optional) – $500 – $1000
Trademark Name – $500 – $2000 (Depends on the attorney)
Utilities – $100 – $300 per month
High Speed Internet & phone – $150 per month
Local Advertising Budget – $500 per month
Insurances – Inventory, Store, workman’s comp – $100 – $200 per month
Sales Tax & Tax Filings – $50-$100 per month allocated towards this so you can pay an accountant every quarter.
Payroll Company – About $20-$30 per employee per month to receive checks through payroll company.
1 Employee – $760 per week – $3040 per month

-Average employee pay for a shop of this type is $8 – $10 per hour. The shop should stay open for 60 hours during the week, and atleast 16 hours on the weekend. That is 76 hours per week for an employee to work the store. This means you would need two employees. At $10 an hour, it would cost $760 a week to keep your store employed.

Other costs you may incur:
-Some merchant companies put new merchant accounts on probation during a term in the beginning of the accounts and can hold 15-30% in sales in a reserve for sometimes up to 6 months. It would be wise to shop around to different merchant providers to ensure you are getting the best deal, with the lowest reserve.

Electronic Cigarette Store Cost Summary:
Bare Minimum Store: $5,000-$7,000 Maybe less, depending on how creative you are, and if you, or a family member are going to be the only working the store. Sometimes it’s good to start small and slowly upgrade over time.
Higher End Store: $10,000 – $25,000, and the more the merrier. This will ensure you have nice signage(interior & exterior), nice display cases loaded with product, nice decor, an organized inventory and cash register system, and a good marketing/advertising program that works.

How much can an ecig store make?
We have heard of stores doing anywhere from a few hundred dollars per day in sales, up to 3,000+ dollars a day in sales. It all depends on the population, the location, the availability of parking, and the marketing/advertising program implemented by the store. To further aid you in the process of opening an ecig store, we have included some step by step instructions below of different things you may need to complete during the process of opening your store.

How to open an ecig store Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 – Set your budget and make sure the project is plausible.

Step 2 – Decide on a name for your store, that no one else is currently using. Trademark it.

Step 3 – Trademark the name and file an LLC or Inc. under that name.

Step 4 – Hire a graphic designer to design you a logo, business card, flyer, and product brochure for your store. Have these printed.

Step 5 – Find a high visibility location, in a high traffic area, that has out front parking, a good spot for a sign, and room for display cases inside. Negotiate the lease.

Step 6 – Paint store if necessary. Do any construction if necessary.

Step 7 – Order display cases off of the internet, or from a local provider, measure out your store and design them to fit in the most efficient way. It would be ideal to have 5-7 display cases.

Step 8 – Order furniture/fixtures/decor to complete design of store.

Step 9 – Order interior sign for behind the center display case, that is created from your new logo.

Step 10 – Order light up exterior sign for above the door, that is created from your new logo.

Step 11 – Order window & door text decals that have your business name/logo, message/slogan, and products you sell.

Step 12 – Order enough product to fully stock the display cases. We recommend that you stock the center display case with 40+ flavors of eliquid. We offer wholesale electronic cigarettes as a service and can supply any vapor shop with top quality products. Our wholesale site is located at The minimum order is $350. But we will waive the minimum order for any vapor shop/ecig store looking to carry our products.

Step 13 – Hire employee. You can use craigslist to put out an ad, or you can put an ad in your local newspaper, or simply make a post on your Facebook page, and I’m sure someone you know is probably looking for a job, or knows someone who is. It is important that the employee knows all there is to know about the products and is good with customers. We have found that time spent with each customer can range from a few minutes all the way up to an hour! There is many flavors to try and many great products as well.

Step 14 – Set your employee up through a payroll company. It is not worth it to try to do all of the employee paper work by yourself. This way, at the end of the week, or of two weeks, you just call your employees hours into the payroll company, they issue a check, and take care of the rest, this includes any employee related correspondence with the government.

Step 15 – Insure your inventory, insure your business contents, get business interruption insurance, and get workman’s compensation insurance on your employees.

Step 16 – Get a cash register and/or POS system with inventory management. Inventory management is extremely important. You are going to need to know how much of each product sells daily on average, in order to calculate your orders for more inventory. A management system tied into your cash register, is the easiest way to do this. There is touch screen systems that make things very convenient.

Step 17 – Set a grand opening. Issue a press release and send it to all major media outlets in your local area, including television news stations, newspaper, and radio, to inform them about the grand opening, Put several ads in the newspaper, with coupons, leading up to this date.

Step 18 – Open your store.

A very profitable venture
Opening an ecig store could prove to be a very profitable venture for any entrepreneur who has the drive, motivation, and initial investment to make it happen. This is an emerging industry and it will only continue to grow at incredible rates. We offer all Vapor King products at wholesale electronic cigarette prices for reselling in stores. At the current wholesale pricing structure, you will make about 40-60% profit on each item you sell in your store. If anyone is interested in opening an ecig store, or purchasing electronic cigarettes wholesale, and has any questions, please contact the author using the credentials below.

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20 Responses to How To Open An Ecig Store With Step By Step Instructions

  1. Stephenie says:

    Hi there! I’m in Texas and would like to open up an electronic cigarette store. My only draw back is finding a reliable wholesale source to purchase my inventory! Could you point me in the right direction?
    Any information will be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You-

  2. Derek Ross says:

    I’m looking for help putting together a good business plan for opening a high end vapor shop? I also would like to know of some good wholesaler’s. I would like to carry more then just one kind of vapor. I’m also interested in mixing my own oils so could use info on where to get that and how to mix it right?

  3. Mitch KATZ says:

    Opening a store please call me 818/292-1313

  4. Leonard says:

    Thank you for the great info. I am planning on opening one within 6 months. Can you refer me to a place that makes e liquid that I can label as my own? I’d like to carry popular brands, but also my company brand.

  5. Kathy Brahier says:

    Is a specific license required to sell nicotine?

  6. Camillo L Bonesse says:

    I am a pizza shop owner and I started to use vap to stop smoking it was the best thing ever and now I’m looking to open my own shop and need some help,I really want to do this ASAP and I want to open in Connecticut.I really want someone with your experience to lead me in the wright direction,I love sale’s and have done it in the past so I’m 37 married with 2 little boys and I’m really dedicated.So do you think this would be a good thing that’s going to keep growing or is it going to fade away?Please get back to me at your earliest convenient s I would really appreciate it thank you and talk to you soon.By the way my # 203-535-0072 or cell # 203-401-1273.

  7. Kevin says:

    Hi Steph, just stmble upon this site, saw your inquiry. Have you had any luck for wholesalers? I too want to open a shop here in the Phoenix Az. are. Just spent 2 years in Orange County, a hot bed of the “vape” industry if you will. I made some contacts and am poosibly thinking of getting a franchise. These people have been in business for a while and have 5-6 stores in the So-cal area. I’ve ordered some product from China to test that enviroment. Rather team up with some folks for buying power. We can talk. Good luck!

  8. sabrina says:

    I am opening a store in the next few months can you help me as to which wholesalers are more reputable. I have researched many and all have stipulations in fine print. if you would could you email me some info?

  9. Randi says:

    Hello, I am looking to start up a business soon any info would be helpful and I’m looking for a supplier.

  10. Susan Ruebel says:

    I want to begin my own company because I cant get the smoke shops to keep things in stock and I can only find 1 store that carries VG only products..Can you advise on this?

  11. Christina says:

    I’m interested in starting a business and was wandering how much it cost and how to go about an online store

  12. Aussie says:

    Just cruising around and came across you blokes and had a good read. Seems a lot of you are looking to setup stores, but very few leave contact details. As I’m just getting into it as well, seems we could all work together and help each other out. I need as much info on reputable suppliers as I can get. DO NIOT use alibaba…. product will not arrive and you have no recourse on getting your cash back. Have some mates who have just lost thousands… my number is803 260 6917. Cheers, Aussie.

  13. Ron Fenn says:

    We want to open and e-cigarette / vapor store soon. How much do you charge to help us get started in the is business. Can you help us with POS system, training videos etc.?

  14. I wabt to open a store but i just tried onljnr store and it didnt go.. bo mobey made at i dont know how to go about getting money. I got loans and credit cads dornoblibe store..

  15. Onlibe store i spent about 5000. I HAve SOME product left frombut itsnoutdated..D.who would help me with loan that big, and famly owned and will have workers like my daughter and kyself.

  16. Neil says:

    I’m considering opening up a shop and have been running a business for someone else and want to venture out on my own .. I know this is a growing industry and want to jump in as soon as possible.. Any ideas or helpful hints would be great. I’m pretty sure I can get most things accomplished to start but want the highest profit margins possible and know there are several wholesalers available …Anyone with helpful ideas?? Any specific business techniques?? I would love to know anyone else’s success

  17. John says:

    Nice article

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