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The FDA Thwarts Public Health By Misrepresenting Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette hoped to provide a ray of light to smokers, as a highly effective smoking cessation tool, but the FDA is doing its best to keep these lifesavers out of smoker’s hands. In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration released information regarding the results of tests performed on 18 electronic cigarettes, provided by two different electronic cigarette brands.

The release contained many partial truths and misleading statements that caused electronic cigarettes to be banned in many different countries. The release did not actually falsify information, but instead presented the facts in a way that tricked consumers into thinking e-cigarettes were likely to cause cancer or contained dangerous ingredients.

The report stated that the e-cigarette cartridges “contain carcinogens, including nitrosamines, and toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol.” Yes, this statement is technically true, but the release did leave out some very important context, and the wording makes the findings seem much more threatening than the reality. It is important to note that Vapor King liquid is independently tested and contains ZERO TSNA’s or diethylene glycol which we’re found in the tested products.

The release states that the cartridges contained carcinogens, including nitrosamines. This implies that the cartridges contain multiple carcinogens, when in reality, the only carcinogens found were tobacco specific nitrosamines, or TSNAs. 8 nanograms of TSNAs can be found in 1 gram of liquid; each cartridge only contains .5 grams of liquid. To put this in perspective, a full-flavor pack of cigarettes can contain up to 126,000 nanograms of TSNAs. Smokers can choose to continue smoking and consume thousands of TSNAs per day, or use electronic cigarettes and only be exposed to dozens at the very most. It is important to note that Vapor King liquid is independently tested and contains ZERO TSNA’s or diethylene glycol.

The FDA also used this plural wording trick regarding “toxic chemicals” in electronic cigarettes. The only chemical found in the cartridges was the states diethylene glycol. This chemical was found at a 1% concentration in one of the eighteen tested cartridges. An average adult would have to actually drink the liquid from thousands of the e-cigarette cartridges for this dosage to be fatal.

When smokers opt for real cigarettes instead of electronic cigarettes or e-liquid, they are exposed to high levels of carcinogens, poisonous gases, tar, and an unbelievably high number of toxic chemicals. The dangers found by the FDA in electronic cigarettes are not even traceable in the vapor form, by which the product is used. The vapor does contain nicotine, but even the strongest electronic cigarettes only have a third the nicotine of the average cigarette. Of course electronic cigarettes are new, and the long term effects cannot concretely be proven yet, but the risks they propose are miniscule compared to risks associated with real cigarettes.

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