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The Rise of the Vapor Shop

The Rise of the Vapor Shop.

A new type of store called a “Vapor Shop” is quickly emerging into the main stream, and it may very well be one of the best business ideas 2013 has to offer. Its centered around a new product called electronic cigarettes, also known as vapor cigarettes, e-cigs, or e-cigarettes. They are a new smoking product that transfers nicotine by vaporizing a flavored liquid solution into a tar free and odorless vapor. The vapor is just like smoke, and the product mimics the effects of smoking so well, that people are claiming that they are able to ditch their cigarettes after the first try, and switch to vapor completely. This claim is based on several customers who wrote on the Vapor King Reviews page and the Vapor King Facebook page.

Electronic Cigarette Vapor Shop

Using vapor, instead of smoke, has many great advantages. These advantages include: better flavors, better ingredients, a more sensible concept, major savings, and the convenience of being able to select your own flavor/desired level of nicotine, with a non-nicotine option available.

We are now starting to see electronic cigarettes pop up in gas stations, convenience stores, and smoke shops nationwide. It will continue to spread, however, we have also noticed a recent trend, that there is a new type of store that is popping up all over the country, called a “Vapor Shop”. A vapor shop is basically an electronic cigarette specialty store. These types of stores specialize in electronic cigarette vapor supplies such as starter kits, cartridges, flavored eliquid, disposables, epipes, ecigars, accessories, and more. Vapor shops usually carry more products, more flavors, and a more knowledgeable support staff than your average convenience store and/or smoke shop.

Why will vapor shops do good business?

-Better demonstrations
It is easier to perform electronic cigarette demonstrations in a vapor shop, than it is to do inside of a convenience store. Factor in the potential people that will be waiting in line inside of a convenience store ,that want to be in and out, and do not want to wait for the person in front of them to watch an entire product demo. It doesn’t seem like a clerk has anytime to do demonstrations in such stores, without potentially upsetting someone who is waiting in line. There is also multiple brands to demonstrate, and many of them may work differently, causing the time spent with each potential customer to further increase. Having a dedicated demonstration area, with a dedicated demonstrator, separate from the checkout line, is the ideal scenario for selling ecigs at a retail establishment. However, you do not currently see such a set up in convenience stores, but you do in specialty vapor shops, who offer free demonstrations for everyone that comes in.

-More knowledgeable support staff
A vapor shop will have an ecig expert available to answer any questions about each brand. We have found that the majority of gas station clerks in stores that sell ecigs, don’t know very much about the product at all. It is such a new product, and a consumer may have many questions, when those questions cannot be answered, sales will be lost. People want to buy ecigs from people who know all there is to know about them. Clerks at gas stations don’t seem to know, and don’t seem to care. But at a vapor shop, the associate knows, and can answer any questions asked by a potential customer.

-Vapor shops can display more products
An ecigarette brand, on average can have anywhere from up to 20 different products under a specific brand. It is difficult to display the full line of products available, in a store that doesn’t specialize in ecigs. There is also many different flavors that can be displayed. At the Electronic Cigarettes Inc. vapor shop (home of Vapor King), we have a display case dedicated to holding 40+ flavors, and we are planning on getting another one soon. We spend a lot of time with customers at this display case, in fact, we have loaded up a clearomizer with each flavor and will let any of our customers try each flavor for free before they buy. It is so much easier to display everything we sell, in a big store, than it is with limited shelf space inside of a gas station. A consumer will find a much greater variety of ecigarettes in a vapor shop.

-Customers will more easily spend more money in a specialty shop, than they will in a gas station or convenience store. Prices for ecigs vary greatly by brand, and there are several different brands/models to choose from. The highest reviewed products, that you don’t really see for sale in convenience stores, can cost $40 – $100 dollars. These types of products being sold at a convenience store, would be the most expensive products in the store. People are more prone to spend the bigger dollars at a store that specializes in something, that can offer continuous customer support. Currently you see many disposable ecigarettes for sale in c-stores, and some 2-piece rechargeable brands. Very rarely do you see the high end models such as the refillable Vapor King or the Vapor King Storm, or Clearomizers.

-Vapor shops will be able to handle warranty issues and swap out parts on the spot. This will most likely not happen at a convenience store, you will probably be sent back to contact the manufacturer direct.

Where is this vapor shop trend heading?
Entrepreneurs will take advantage of this emerging trend and we will see vapor shops flourish across the country. There will be multiple shops in just about every major city, very soon. The vapor shop may very well give stores that sell cigarettes, a run for their money. More and more tobacco customers will switch to the vapor shop, instead of the gas station, to purchase a wider variety of strengths/flavors, more advanced products, and get better customer support.

For more information on electronic cigarettes, opening your own vapor shop, or purchasing the electronic cigarette wholesale for your store, please contact the Vapor King Electronic Cigarette Brand via email at or call them at 1-877-324-4462. You can also find all of Vapor King’s products at wholesale prices on We will do whatever we can to help you get your shop started, stocked, and making money. If you have any comments, please leave them in the comments box below.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for choosing Vapor King.

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8 Responses to The Rise of the Vapor Shop

  1. rick peruche says:

    very insterested in starting a local and advanced e-shop. I currently use the storm system and have not smoked for just over a year. I have recommeded your product to anyone who will listen. Many of my friends use the storm system. I know a good e-shop would not only be profitable but help many people to quit the habit of smoking cigarettes. Please forward to me what would be recommended to start a shop here in my home town and to open even more in larger areas such as tampa and st. pete florida. thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Rick Peruche

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  3. jackie says:

    Stuck in Shreveport and out of vapor what’s closest store to me

  4. Brock Hudson says:

    Hey I’m Brock I live in enterprise al and there is 1 vapor store that has been open approximately 8 months. Was wandering if you saw any drawback to me opening another store that would be a nicer location in a prime spot in town. Pls give me your thoughts on this adventure. I’ve been on these for 6 months after smoking 20 yrs and haven’t looked back. Thanks for your help. Name is Brock and number is 334-488-7777 or thanks again

  5. Mitch KATZ says:

    Looking to open a vapor store in ventura county calif.
    Very serious.
    Need info.

  6. Ann says:

    Please email any info you have concerning opening up a vapor shop in my home town. I need a lot of info. I contacted someone by calling the number u provided, but wasn’t much help. I am desparate. Please reply.

  7. Richard says:

    Hi I whould like to open my own shop I was a smoker for a long time e- cig helped me so of u can tell me the best way of starting my business I will be grateful
    Thank you

  8. Vapor Shop says:

    Vapor Shops are the new gold rush for this generation and I dont see any stopping it for a while especially since smoking cigarettes is going to be continuing banning it from all public area in the next coming years.

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