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Cuttwood "The Sauce Boss"
Handcrafted in Los Angeles

cuttwood eliquid

Cuttwood eLiquid is one of the most popular juices lines on the market. Rocketing to vape stardom with it's amazing strawberry custard blend "Unicorn Milk", Cuttwood has built quite a name for itself.

Main Features:
• 3 Extremely Popular Flavors
• 70VG/30PG Blend
• 15ML Per Bottle
• Hand Crafted in Los Angeles

cuttwood unicorn milk


Unicorn Milk
"That Unicorn Milk Tho". So there was this drink we used to love as a kid.  It was like a strawberry milk drink with a bunny as a mascot.  Yeah that one. Grab this star, Strawberry Custard eJuice, from Cuttwood! All Natural Strawberry Extract and four different Creams. Tastes just like Strawberry Milk.

Monster Melons
Monster Melons is a mouthwatering mixture of Cantaloupe, Papaya and Mango!

Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear has a Sugary Cinnamon inhale paired with a Smooth Creamy body on the exhale. Reminiscent of your favorite Cinnabuns! Can we say... Cinnamon Sugar Cookies?  

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Unicorn Milk is some of the best juice I've gotten my hands on! Dripping on 6mg with this now, smoooooooth.

Carter Heaslip