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Introducing our new line of FireBrand USA Made eLiquid (Liquitine).
It’s not E-liquid
It’s Liquitine

What’s the difference?
Well, everything.

We reinvented the way e-liquid is created from top-to-bottom and consider “e-liquid” to be a generic term for a variety of means and methods of liquid creation.

Liquitine is Firebrand’s own special mixture and methodologies that go into creating the perfect blend from top-to-bottom.

From flavor, to vapor, to the cleanest throat hit you will ever experience—We don’t call it The Vapor Supremacy for nothing!

The Firebrand Difference

- Certified USP & FEMA/GRAS ingredients in every bottle.
- Ultra-pure organic L-Grade nicotine supplied by FDA licensed, ISO 9001:2000 certified chemical supplier.
- Hands-free liquid creation. All Liquitine is batched by our proprietary machine system we call “Magnetic Vortex Technology.”
- All Liquitine is subject to our two-tier filtration system, ensuring its purity.
- Lot numbers and ingredients listed on every bottle.
- Machine bottled. Pre-steeped and then refrigerated until ordered.
- Bold, original flavors guaranteed to satisfy.
- Oh! And did we mention that it’s crafted right here in the USA by Firebrand? Well, that too!

Apple Pie
"Right down to the crust!" were the first words ever spoken about our latest and greatest Liquitine Flavor - Firebrand's Apple Pie.

We didn't believe it ourselves - until we tried it. Firebrand's Apple Pie is the most delicious e-liquid flavor any of us here have ever tried. Hands-down, bar-none, period! It's simply amazing & we're very proud to call it our own.

Menthol Chill
Menthol Chill is ultra-cool, super-crisp and the liquid is crystal clear! It's a real treat for menthol purists and non-purists alike. The throat hit is smooth & the flavor is robust. So grab your scarf and suit up for a winter blast that will sure to keep your mouth fresh all day!

Menthol Engine 9
We created a fire-cured, cinnamon-spiced tobacco flavor and infused it with a dash of our popular Arctic Menthol for a nice cool undertone. The result is one of the most satisfying all-day vapes you've ever tried. From its flavor notes to its throat hit - our Menthol Engine 9 packs a kick that will keep you coming back for more.

What is MRX? It's short for Menthol Red X - the X being a secret berry blast ingredient that will entice menthol & non-menthol fans alike. It's an ultra delicious all-day vape with the perfect throat hit. Refreshing & bursting with flavor!
Cherry Bomb
Cherry has consistantly been one of our standard go-to flavors here at the office, so we worked really hard to bring you the perfect mix of smooth throat hit & bombastic cherry flavor. We don't call it Cherry Bomb for nothing!

Pina Colada
This Liquitine is one of the tastiest concoctions to ever leave our lab. It's "crazy delicious" as our testers have put it & we happen to agree. Tastes just like the real thing with a smooth and satisfying throat hit to give it the right kick.

Polar Chill
And to round out our amazing menthol flavors, we'd like to welcome you to our latest and greatest addition to the line up! Polar Chill - the perfect menthol flavor for those of you looking for a nice, robust menthol with a solid peppermint kick!
It's like Christmastime in your mouth!

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