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FuZion Vapor
e-Juice for the VapeStars!

fuzion vapor ejuice

So, you want to know more about Fuzion Vapor; eh?  That’s good to know, because you just don’t want to buy your ejuice from just anyone.  The first thing you should know about FV is that I am a vape-snob and have rejected more juices than loved.  Everything was the same… strawberry, coffee and menthol.  Sure there are one-offs and everyone has their favorites, but I wanted something unique where it kept me guessing each draw.

FuZion's ‘base’ juice is a 65VG/35PG blend.  

FuZion use the highest quality ingredients and it shows.  Even with vegetable glycerin… They are NOT all created equal.  FuZion went through four different brands until I found the one that had the best viscosity and flavor absorption.

Main Features:

• Wide Selection of Unique Flavors
• 65VG/35PG Blend
• 15ML Per Bottle
• Bottle Includes Child Safety Cap, Ingredients and Warnings in Line with Future FDA Regulations


Unicorn Blood
"Tastes exactly like rainbows. Unicorns are the single most magical being that ever existed. Their blood is rumored to have magical powers and butterfly kisses. So, what does Unicorn Blood taste like exactly? It tastes just like Unicorn Blood should taste… fruity, sweet rainbow goodness that would make even the Nyan Cat jealous. Unless you hate cute kitties, snuggly blankets and baby’s yawning… you’ll love this mystical ejuice."

"Remember those blue raspberry candies, Razzles? Well, we do and still love snagging them from our kids Haloween baskets. This raspberry blend, with a hint of cranberry is sure to take you back to the days of corner drugstore candy."

Nice Melons
“Juicy ripe melons, begging to be picked.” With so many other melons out there, I had to showcase my own… What sets mine apart from everyone else? Well, mine are fresh and everyone that has tried them say mine are the best. Go ahead and grab one and see for yourself. No matter what size you try, you’ll come back for more.

Rasta Blood
"This distinct ejuice boasts a fresh strawberry flavor; drizzled with white chocolate. This sweetness is balanced out with a subtle hint of mary jane…Remember folks, this is just the flavor. We do not promote the use of illegal substances… It’s all in good fun, please take it that way!"

Narhwal Blood
"Narwhal's are the Unicorn's of the sea. Being related to the most magical creature of all, we thought it should be a tropical twist to our own Unicorn Blood. The tropical candy that comes in the blue bag? Yes just like those. This vape will take you on a mini tropical vacation."

Endless Summer
"A strawberry lemonade that you will never forget.” Picture this. Sitting on the boardwalk on hot summer day. The most beautiful person you know, hands you a big glass of strawberry lemonade. The clear cup is dripping with condensation and the ice cubes seem to dance in the liquid. Now take a drink…. It’s one of the few times in life that you wish the day would never end. This refreshing ejuice is a perfect balance between sweet and tart, fresh strawberries and homemade lemonade. One vape and you’ll understand the name… endless summer.

“You know that melted juice at the bottom of a green freezie pop? Yeah…” Seems like every vendor has their rendition of the famous ‘Ecto Cooler’ from Hi-C. How can you not like that sweet, lemony-limey, sugary green goodness in that little box? What makes this version stand out from the others? Easy, it’s fuZion and it’s innately better by default. Vaping Ectoplasm is like taking a step back in time… A time of Saturday morning cartoons, Green Machines and feathered hair. One vape and you’ll soon be on the sidewalk painting your Matchbox cars with your sisters nail polish and rocking out like Jem… truly outrageous… truly, truly, truly outrageous. 

Gummy Blood
*** Please be aware. I have had reports that this juice has clouded or cracked plastic ***
“Sweet gummy candy with a splash of refreshing fruit.” This is a classic gummy flavor, with multiple changing fruit flavors. You’ll notice some, watermelon, lemon-lime, orange and strawberry infused nicely into the expected gummi flavor. If you are a fan of gummi bears, gummi worms or anything GUMMY… you’ll love this juice! *** We love all things gummy. No gummy bears, worms or gummy-like creatures were harmed in the making of this juice. *** 

All or nothing watermelon blast with a hip-hop gush of waterfall. It’s pop-n-lock juice time everyone! Read my lips… this is the best watermelon ejuice you’ll ever vape. As good as it sounds, I can promise we aren’t copying anything or having someone else do the hard work while we look pretty. This is a full flavored watermelon flavor, that is crisp and fresh. It’s a great pallet cleanser, but this will make your all day vape… in style!.

Sweet red fruits blended with sweet cream. Vape the rave. This berry blend of red fruits has just the right amount of sweet cream and coconut. This is a very sweet vape, and is complimented by the naturally sweet berry flavoring. For disclosure purposes, your personal vaporizer should NOT be used as a glow-stick and spun around. However, feel free to fist pump to the beat and hug everyone you see.

Zombie Killer
"The official killer of zombie tongue." Zombie Tongue. We've all experienced this phenomenon. This is the fuzion answer to the age old vaping problem. If you're like me, you vape so much that no matter what flavor you try; you just CAN'T taste anything. Zombie Killer is a very fresh balance of sweet spearmint and hint of cucumber and melon. Many here in the the fuzion lab use this to cure zombie tongue; but it ended up being an all day vape.

Roundhouse With Cream
Strawberry punch with a roundhouse of creamy white chocolate. This is the Fuzion version of the classic ‘Tigers Blood’ ejuice. If you like a creamy sweet vape with a smooth strawberry flavor; than this can easily be your next favorite juice. We didn’t stop there, we added a bit of ***** and ********** to give it some complexity and ninja powers…. all in true Texas Ranger fashion. 

Peach's Pear
Everyone loves peaches, some people love pears. Why not mix it up FuZion style with some love. Peach’s Pear is a blend of those two flavors. A peach and a pear in a pod, for your taste buds. Don’t miss out on this one. 

Poison Apple
*** Please be aware. I have had reports that this juice has clouded or cracked plastic ***
If you've ever had that green apple hard candy, you can stop reading the description now. Poison Apple is a perfect blend of sour green apple with a hint of sweetness… Just like those crab apples you picked from the old lady next door and threw at oncoming traffic. 

Pixie Dust
The greatness of Pixie Stix, without the wet paper straw. I love Pixie Stix… who doesn’t? Here is our version of the classic candy… Sweet, fruity and just the right amount of tartness… But don’t worry, it won’t leave your throat raw or your eyes watering. This is a very smooth vape. The draw is a sweet, light fruit inhale and the exhale has just the perfect balance of tartness and throat hit. I can’t promise you’ll be flying out of your window after a few vapes; but this ADV will keep you coming back for more. If you like a sweet, light fruity vape… you won’t be disappointed. Shake that ‘add to cart’ button and sprinkle some pixie dust on that atomizer! 


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