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G2 Vapor Premium eLiquid
"Proudly Crafted in the USA"


The launch of G2 Vapor was far from premeditated.  For G2’s founder, it happened out of necessity.  Lost in the endless search for quality e-liquids, he started to “DIY” for personal use.
Months of studying, testing, mixing, trials, and errors resulted in the creation of 2 flavors:  G2 and caRnY4.  Excited to finally have juice that was better than the hundreds of e-liquids he had tried before, Clinton sent some samples out to his close friends.  Almost immediately the demand exploded, with his friends loving the juice, telling their friends, and creating a domino effect of demand.
Since then, G2 has grown from its humble beginnings into a company with a great selection of delicious e-liquids, made from the highest quality ingredients available, and blended to perfection.  Every flavor goes through rigorous trial and error to bring it to its fullest potential.  Every liquid is complex and multilayered, yet still enjoyable to the full range of vapers from novice to veteran.
Every flavor can withstand low ohm vaping, with subtle nuances shining through depending on your wattage of choice.
G2 prides itself on steep-free products that are ready to vape.

Main Features:
• Numerous Popular Flavors
• 60VG/40PG Blend
• 15ML Per Bottle
• Crafted in the USA

Blue Pop Shock

Blue Pop Shock takes the raspberry background from DeShock and twist’s the raspberry until it turns blue.  This reminds most people of their favorite blue raspberry lollipop that they enjoyed as a kid.  A fantastic sweet candy fruit liquid that is great in a daily rotation.

Cactus Juice

A clean and refreshing blend of sweet and tart citrus. Cactus Juice has overtones of oranges and tangerines with a hint of pineapple and tart undertones reminiscent of fresh squeezed lemonade that will prickle your tongue and make your mouth water. The hotter you vape, the sweeter it gets.


Toss out everything you know about the classic RY4.  Vanilla, caramel, and smooth tobacco with hints of tasty carnival treats. This award winning RY4 has been praised by the tobacco fan to the bakery lover.  This has become the all-day vape for countless tobacco fans.


Not everyone can vape anise, so the G2 fans pleaded with us to make a version of SHOCKER that was anise free. DeShock was created, it is clean and true to the raspberry fruit.  Thou raspberry is the dominant flavor, there are several secret berries hiding in the background along with a few other tantalizing twists.

Dr. Green
The final and newest release in the G2 lineup is Dr. Green. A refreshing blend of green fruit -Kiwi, Apples, and Pear come together to create a mouthwatering liquid that begs you to vape it time and time again. In the classic G2 fashion there is more than meets the eye, there are hidden layers of goodness in this liquid that an experienced vaper will be able to recognize and enjoy.

El Blacco

Blackberries and smooth pipe tobacco, vanilla and more.  Imagine your grandmother pulling a fresh blackberry cobbler out of the oven and putting a scoop of sweet vanilla ice-cream on top. After indulging you enjoy a smooth pipe tobacco with your grandfather. Now swirl that all together and you have El Blacco. Many have said this is one of the hidden gems in the G2 lineup.

G2 Original

The very first liquid ever created by the G2 mixologists. Late one night in an attempt to re-create an enjoyable anise liquid, the wrong flavoring was added and the rest is history. Multiple apples are blended together with the distinct taste of a forbidden absinthe drink. So many hidden gems are in this vape and though many have tried, none to date have identified them all. 


Fresh baked sugar cookies blended with butter caramel drops. A bakery style liquid that will please even the most devoted cookie fan.  One of the most unique and talked about aspects of Mr. Cookie is no two people can agree on exactly which cookie it reminds them of.  It quickly has become the all-day liquid for countless fans. 

Purple Nurple

A good friend of the G2 family wanted a grape liquid like no other. Using that as a basis, artistic leeway was taken to blend and mix outlandish flavorings into what became Purple Nurple. This is another liquid that fans just can’t quite agree on what exactly it tastes like. Some might say grape soda or grape candy, others can taste the blend of grapes and rare honey flowers. Blended to be a light and refreshing vape that has quickly become the favorite of many.


Sometimes that which shocks our mouth makes for an enjoyable experience. Mouth-watering fresh raspberries blended with natural anise. This combination gives you tongue numbing levels of berry/anise satisfaction.  This distinct liquid stands out in a muddied crowd of anise liquids.
(Warning: shocker does not play nice with plastic tanks; due to the all-natural ingredients used, some settling may occur at the top of the bottle. Be sure to shake until thoroughly mixed) 


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Really great line! If you are a regular clearomizer user you should def give this a shot, really tasty and nice throat hit with higher nicotine MGs!

Austin Palmer