G2 Vapor "Prime" 15ml

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G2 Vapor "Prime" Premium eLiquid
"Proudly Crafted in the USA"


From the makers of G2, we present the G2 Prime line of e-liquids, which was crafted with one goal in mind.  To be the best of the best.
Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for an e-liquid to be predominantly VG, but perform like an e-liquid that’s predominantly PG?  What about a thinner liquid that is able to withstand the heat of rebuildable atomizers?  VG liquids are traditionally less harsh and produce thicker, wetter vapor, but are thick and quickly ruin the coils of cartomizers, clearomizers and the like.  PG liquids, on the other hand, traditionally perform much better in these devices, but can’t handle the heat of low ohm rebuildables.
G2 Prime was created after months of research and development with the goal being to overcome these challenges.  No expense was spared in creating these liquids, all challenges were met head on, and all goals were achieved.  G2 Prime’s flavors are designed to taste delicious no matter what device you use from cartomizer to genesis. 

The definition of “Prime” is the best way to describe the line:  “First in excellent, quality, and value.”

Main Features:
• 3 Popular Flavors
• 70VG/30PG Blend
• 15ML Per Bottle
• Crafted in the USA
2014 SpinFuel eLiquid Choice Award Winner


This award winning vanilla liquid has light custard hints with a creamy rich icing to finish it off.  A true vanilla background with none of the chemical “fake” taste's that most vanilla style liquids are known for.  So creamy and smooth with a light butterscotch laced background that makes it irresistible. Not only does it make for a great all-day liquid, it has also been called the ultimate wing-man.  Countless emails have been received from fans telling us how they mix Vazilla with a boring liquid sitting on the shelf and have been amazed at the outcome.

Drunk Monkey

Fresh bananas blended with cream and finished with a touch of rum give this award winning liquid a smooth rich banana punch. If you are a banana fan do yourself a favor and add this to your lineup.  (Warning: Drunk Monkey does not play nice with plastic tanks; due to the all-natural ingredients used, some settling may occur at the top of the bottle. Be sure to shake well) 

Gilligan’s Island

Imagine being on a tropical island where fresh fruits are ripe for the picking all around you.  Slice some pineapples up, crack a fresh coconut open for its rich milk and blend in a few other tropical fruits that you come across and you will have created the perfect refreshing summer vape.  Let this liquid transport you to life in the tropics. 


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Vazilla is one of my all time top favorite juices. A perfect all day vape, nice throat hit, solid all around juice.

Austin Palmer