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Getting Started - Vapor King eTank®

Unpacking The Kit

Your Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start enjoying your new smokeless cigarettes.

What’s included

Each double kit will contain:

Double Kit:
2 Vapor King Batteries
2 Atomizers
1 Wall Charger
5 Cartridges
1 Instructions Manual
1 Gift Box


First Use & Setup

Your Vapor King battery should come pre-charged.

To use simply screw together the atomizer to the cartridge as seen in this picture.

Then push the (filled) cartridge into the atomizer as seen in this picture. If you ordered empty cartridges, make sure to fill the cartridges beforehand. See cartridge refilling below.

To use with the manual battery hold down the button and puff on it. To use with the automatic battery just puff on it like a regular cigarette.


Battery Charging

Each Vapor King battery will last around 180 - 200 puffs per charge.

When the orange LED light on the end begins to flash, this means it is time to charge the battery. Charging can be made using your home outlet or computer USB outlet.

Please refer to your Vapor King owner's manual for proper charging instructions.

Cartridge Refilling

Each Vapor King cartridge can be refilled around 3-4 times.

You simply set the cartridge on a flat surface facing upwards and put as many drops of E Liquid as necessary to sufficiently soak the absorbent material on the inside.

Do not overfill the cartridge.

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