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Vapor King Storm MEGA Smartomizer


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Introducing the MEGA Smartomizer for Vapor King Storm. Another amazing product that vaporizers eliquid like no other. By far one of the best clearomizers on the market. It holds 3.5ml of eliquid. These come with a 1.8ohm coil. The higher replacement ohms will be in stock within the next week. Higher ohms include 2.2ohms and 2.5ohms. Higher ohms mean more vapor, and can vaporize thicker eliquid much better(like Uncle Junks).

The MEGA Smartomizer features bottom coil tank system technology. Put a Vapor King Storm up to your mouth, you will notice that it is usually slightly tilted with the tip aiming towards the ground. Because the eliquid all pools in that area due to gravity, a bottom coil ends up being fully submerged in eliquid when you are taking a puff. Compared to regular clearomizers that have the coil with the two ropes on the other side. This is a much more well thought out technology, a smarter technology. Hence the name, Smartomizer.

Introducing the MEGA Smartomizer

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